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  • Accessible telephone consultation on Risk Management and Loss Prevention questions and issues
  • Investigation of incidents and potential liabilities
  • Review of medical records to determine if insurance notices are appropriate (determination of level of potential liability)
  • Expert Review of medical records when lawsuits are served for defense formulation
  • Insurance notifications on potential liabilities and actual lawsuits
  • Maintenance of a database for resident incidents, liabilities and suits
  • Process of medical records requests. This includes review of paperwork to ensure that records can be released, providing letter to facility when records cannot be released and review of limited medical records when the request reason is unknown or from an attorney
  • Assistance in the discovery process for lawsuits
  • Liaison between the facility, insurance company and assigned defense attorneys with communication to appropriate management staff
  • Review of incident logs on a monthly basis. A computer entry form can be provided and risk evaluation reports are generated on request
  • Training and inservice on Loss Prevention and Risk Management
  • Site visits to assess initial and on-going areas of Risk
  • Training on documentation Training and inservice on Loss Prevention and Risk Management.
  • Analysis of loss runs for insurance renewals and new insurance policies
  • Claims set up
  • Determination of reserves
  • Initiation of settlements with liability issues
  • Provision of Loss Runs
  • Claims Review
  • Claim Update Reports
  • Pre-Mediation and/or Updates
  • Mediation Attendance
  • Communication with potential claimants

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