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Company Overview

Professional Liability Insurance Services, LLC (PLIS) was founded in 2002 by Beth Alford in response to the growing number of suits filed against nursing homes. Ms. Alford knew that if nursing homes were provided with loss prevention tools all residents would be safer and therefore the risk of suits filed against nursing homes would be significantly reduced.

PLIS also offers nurse expert services to attorneys and Risk Management and Claims services to insurance companies and self insured owners.

The name Mitigation Solution was added in 2009 to better describe the company’s purpose. 


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Beth Alford is the owner and president of Professional Liability Insurance Services, (PLIS), founded in 2002. Under Alford’s direction, the company provides loss prevention consulting for multiple nursing homes and insurance companies in the Midwest.  
  • Investigation of incidents and potential liabilities.
  • Review of medical records when lawsuits are served for defense formulation.
  • Quality Assurance audits.
  • Risk Management forms.
  • Training and inservice on loss prevention and Risk Management.
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